With the school’s weight room in limbo, new small-town starting quarterback Wyatt Nef had an idea. It just requires gas money – High School Sports News, Scores, Videos, Rankings

For some tip on how to get your teammates on as a freshman college quarterback, check out Wyatt Nef’s home in Toledo.

Better yet, he could just pick you up instead.

After Toledo High School lost 13 seniors from their team last spring, Nef became the new backfield leader as a senior.

However, there is an ongoing problem at the Grade 2B school, located in a rural town of about 1,000 people in Lewis County: the weight room is unavailable pending new equipment.

“We were in middle school,” said Toledo soccer coach Mike Christensen. “Many children go elsewhere.”

This is where Nef comes in. Instead of watching the teammates spread out and train on their own, the teenager decided to look for a multi-person vehicle that he could buy so he could drive them to the state-of-the-art Thorbeckes Wellness Center in Centralia – about 25 miles north of town, village.

“I had the idea in winter,” said Nef. “I was in PE class … and I said to friends, ‘We have to get the soccer team to the gym.’

“I have a car for five people, but a friend of mine said I should take a bus. That wouldn’t happen – I’d have to get a CDL (commercial driver’s license).

“So he said, ‘What about a van?'”


For months, Nef was looking for a used van – at the right price. In June he got his break.

School district officials had an idle white 2000 Chevrolet Astro that they wanted to sell. Some employees decided to buy it as a gag gift for one of the high school’s retired teachers.

“Four of us went to get it, but it had a dead battery,” said Christensen. “We put a new one in, drove it around for 10 minutes, and it died again.”

The van went back to the district, which auctioned it off in a surplus auction. Christensen contacted his new captain and advised him to make an offer.

“The cost should be $ 500, but I came in with a $ 100 bill,” said Nef. “I asked, ‘Would you sell it to me for it?’ And one of the ladies said, ‘I’m not telling him no, he’s too cute.’ So it was mine. “

Nef – one of seven siblings who grew up in Rigby, Idaho – spent an additional $ 120 on an alternator, installed it, and the van came back to life.

Now all he has to do is replace the tabs on the vehicle and he’s ready to meet teammates at high school and drive them to Thorbeckes for training.

The only unsolved problem is what to do with the gas money. Instead of asking teammates to interfere, the senior class president comes up with the idea of ​​running a fundraiser to raise $ 1,000 for it.

And what does he plan to do with the van after graduating next spring? Well, he thought of that too.

“One of my coaches could buy it from me,” he said.

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