Who do I call to get trash picked up in Toledo neighborhood?

Kimberly Elizondo, who has lived there most of her life, says the trash has affected the quality of life for families and children in the neighborhood.

TOLEDO, Ohio – On Friday night, neighbors in an East Toledo neighborhood expressed anger and frustration at a growing pile of rubbish dumped near their homes.

On Saturday they began to see a little relief.

Neighbors like Kimberly Elizondo say the trash has affected their families and their quality of life.

“Garbage. A nightmare. We’ve been dealing with it for over 50 years. Dumping, illegal dumping. Nobody does anything about it,” said Elizondo.

Elizondo complained about the corner of Creston Street and Pratt Street in East Toledo.

She says people dumped tires, mattresses, and what looks like siding, and she just can’t stand looking at it any longer.

Elizondo’s neighbor Suzy Chovan and Suzy’s young niece agree.

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“We don’t even come forward. I don’t want her to see all of this. We used to go for walks, but now I don’t want to take her there. It looks like a war zone in America,” Chovan said.

For Elizondo, it’s personal.

“I’m done with it in my mind,” said Elizondo with tears in her eyes.

She is afraid that a large, broken branch hanging from a tree will one day injure a child.

“It’s sad because we have children who live here. And they have to play and watch this mess every day. It’s horrible,” said Elizondo.

Between the two neighbors, they have reached the city and the CSX railroad which has railroad lines that run through the neighborhood but nothing has changed.

“I just want it to be cleaned up. You know, in summer the leaves usually grow and you don’t see it anymore. But in winter, you see it in winter. It’s even worse. All the stuff that’s hidden in them woods “said Chovan.

Kimberly Elizondo agreed.

“The kids can’t look at this garbage. Play with the garbage. If they clean it up, we could allow our kids to come out and enjoy their lives and be kids. Now they’re locked in their yard because they can’t. You can’t enjoy your childhood, “said Elizondo.

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After WTOL 11 spoke to the neighbors on Friday, she contacted the city and learned that a crew would be canceled on Saturday.

And as promised, crews showed up to clean up the mess.

Elizondo was glad to see something done at last.

“Thank you so much for doing a great job. I appreciate everything. I’m so glad I stuck with it and made it to the next level and tried to get help,” said Elizondo.

Many in the neighborhood were naturally excited when the trash was removed but said they would like the area to be cleaned more thoroughly and believe that preventive measures need to be taken to stop future dumping.

If you or someone you know has any concerns about their neighborhood, then you can call Engage Toledo.

Toledo Residents Lawyers then act as the liaison between you and the City of Toledo.

The 24/7 number for Engage Toledo is 419-936-2020. Or you can reach them by email at [email protected] There is also an app you can download to report issues on any iOS or Android device.

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