Where can I buy flowers for Mother’s Day in northwest Ohio?

COVID-19 was causing growth and transportation problems, so florists had to order what was available earlier this year.

TOLEDO, Ohio – If you’re a procrastinator on vacation, you might want to change your habits this Mother’s Day as COVID-19 is causing a flower shortage.

“We’ll likely sell out again this year,” said Amy Wildman, owner of Schramms Flowers on Central Avenue.

Schramm’s is a local company that has been open for almost 150 years.

Wildman is grateful that they weathered the challenges of the pandemic, and now they face a new one: they will be given enough flowers to complete all orders.

“It has affected many of the countries that we get our flowers from. Some of those areas have had terrible weather,” said Wildman.

Wildman says cuts in transportation, including a shortage of trucks, will mean a slight increase in costs.

Flower options are a hit or miss right now, so Wildman says it’s best to request a “designer pick” to get the most bang for your buck.

“That means you let our designers pick the best value for your budget. If you have a specific color that you want to use, we can be sure,” said Wildman.


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