What will the new anti hazing law in Ohio do?

The families of Stone Foltz, Collin Wiant, and Tyler Perino believe Collins Law is the first step in making Ohio the safest state from abuse.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Just four months after an incident that resulted in the death of Stone Foltz sophomore at Bowling Green State University, Governor Mike DeWine is expected to sign law to help prevent cloudiness in the state.

Collins Law was reintroduced in March after Foltz’s death. The law is named after Collin Wiant, a freshman who died of turbidity in a 2018 Greek event at Ohio University.

Rex Elliott, who represents the Wiant and Foltz families, believes this is the beginning of making Ohio the safest state in the country.

“I actually believe that if such legislation were in place, both the Wiant and Foltz families would have their children,” Elliott said.

Under current law, a person in Ohio can count on a maximum of 30 days in jail for harassment.

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Collins Law will upgrade general concealment to a second degree offense that can be punished with up to 90 days in prison. Aggravated cloudiness that causes severe physical harm or death will now be a third degree crime.

“It’s definitely something I think will save lives,” said Tyler Perino.

Perino considers himself lucky to be alive today to share his story of harassment while at Miami University. Now a senior at the University of Toledo, his testimony before the Ohio Legislature earlier this year helped get the new legislation to the governor’s desk.

“I really think that this law will have these tougher penalties,” said Perino, “but it will stimulate the cultural change that I think we really need.”

The law also requires staff and students to report abusive witnesses. If they fail to do this, they can also be prosecuted.

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“Nobody has to be considered a spy anymore,” added Elliott. “Nobody has to be afraid of that. You can report now because you comply with Ohio law.”

Along with Cooper and Elliott, Elliot also represents Tyler Perino. He says that all families are committed to eliminating Hazing for good.

The new law will also force universities across Ohio to introduce tough new policies on the control of numbness and education.

“The Foltz and Wiant families have been pushing very hard for universities across the state to implement these policies and procedures now before Fall 21,” said Elliot.

The Foltz family is working with the Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) to create the new anti-hazing standards. Elliott says they plan to announce it next month.

As soon as Gov. DeWine has signed the law, it will come into effect in 90 days.

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