West Toledo man sentenced to six months in jail for accidental shooting of friend

April 27 – The fatal shooting of his best friend by a West Toledo man last year in an accident left a traumatic void in the victim’s family, a Lucas County Common Pleas judge said Tuesday, before giving a six-month sentence Has.

Jonathon Hargrove, 21-year-old from the 600 block on Cloverdale Road, was also given control of the community for three years, and Judge Joe McNamara ordered him to undergo a 60-day treatment program after completing his time at the Corrections Center in northwest Ohio.

Hargrove made no pleading last month for negligent homicide and a firearm abuse charge for the death of Andrew Wheeler, 18, on February 16, 2020.

“There is no sentence I can enact that will bring Andrew back,” said Judge McNamara during the sentencing. “These cases are truly tragic and the pain you inflicted, Mr. Hargrove, went beyond Andrew’s death and created a hole in this case.” Family.”

The judge ordered Hargrove to have no contact with the Wheeler family, who had requested a maximum sentence of 1 1/2 years in prison.

While the two friends were spending time together at the Wheeler’s home on the 6100 block on Merle Street, Hargrove and Mr. Wheeler began joking about two guns, including a 9mm pistol that Mr. Wheeler pointed at his own neck. When Hargrove reached for it, the gun fired, prosecutors said.

Mr. Wheeler’s relatives, who were at home at the time, attempted life-saving measures, but Mr. Wheeler eventually died after organ donation procedures at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

“It’s been incredibly difficult for the Wheeler family,” said Christopher Woeste, assistant legal director of the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center, on Tuesday on behalf of the Wheelers. “We have a very serious crime here in which the accused fled the scene after committing the crime. The Wheeler family not only looked after their dying son, but also tried to pursue the accused on his escape – a terrible, traumatic crime Event.”

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Hargrove read from a prepared statement and apologized to the Wheeler family for the accident.

“I never wanted anything to happen. Andrew really was my best friend and I would never do anything on purpose to hurt him,” said Hargrove. “I apologize for the emotional pain – I think I understand what you’re going through. When you lost a son, a brother, I lost a best friend.”

Hargrove was “shocked” by what happened but later vomited himself, said defense attorney Pete Rost. Hargove has three jobs and no previous convictions as an adult, the attorney said when urging the judge to avoid jail time.

“We see too often the misuse of guns, the immature handling of guns, the lack of a serious assessment of what a gun is capable of, and often we see that kind of result,” said Rost.

With a crime on its file, Hargrove will no longer be legally entitled to own a gun in the future.

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