West Toledo family loses their beloved dog to animal cruelty

The Toledo Humane Society, her neighbor’s ex-husband, reportedly killed the dog after it got onto their property.

TOLEDO, Ohio – WARNING: The following story provides details about animal cruelty that can be difficult or difficult to read for some.

A family from West Toledo mourns their dog after it was killed in an incident next door.

Marc Coleman, the man who killed the dog, now faces the consequences after the Toledo Humane Society says he cut his throat.

“We went to the beach for an hour or so and I got a call from my grandfather telling me my dog ​​was dead,” said Sierra Keck, the owner of DJ, aka Scooby Doo.

Keck lives with her three children on Brussels Street in the west of Toledo.

Last week she received a call that DJ’s throat had been cut and she was dead.

“On [June 29] we had a report that a dog had been killed and the method was to have his throat cut. So we picked up the body from them and [the body] has been brought into Lucas County’s canine control, “said Stephen Heaven, President and CEO of the Toledo Humane Society.

Keck says it’s heartbreaking for the family who planned to train a DJ to be a therapy dog.

“For my son’s anxiety problems. It calms him down. He panics a lot. A lot. It almost makes him feel safe. It’s just me and her, so it gives him a sense of protection,” Keck said.

Keck says she isn’t sure how DJ got out of the house, but she believes it was through a window.

“As far as we know, the killed dog tried to get to some dogs on a porch. I don’t know whether it was screened or not, but it appears that it had one of the dogs in hand.” and they couldn’t get the dogs apart, “Heaven said.

Coleman, the ex-husband of the house owner, allegedly cut the dog’s throat.

The Toledo Humane Society has since brought grave cruelty charges against the man charged with the crime.

“It is very clear that you can only kill it if it attacks or threatens you. Or hunt or threaten cattle. Domestic cats and dogs are not covered by this law. You are exempt from the law. So in this case it was not allowed to kill the dog, “said Heaven.

For Keck, she says, she is afraid for her family that this could happen next door.

“I would definitely like to see him locked up. He belongs in prison and so does you. None of them are innocent. My children will suffer from it for a long time,” said Keck.

According to the Toledo Humane Society, Coleman is arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Depending on this, he could face jail time and pay fines.

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