Updated: Toledo bars cited | News

Three bars in Toledo were cited by Ohio Investigative Unit agents over the weekend.

CRYOCREAM INC., Known as Fusion, received a quote for after-hours sales – Rule 80, according to a press release on Saturday. After 10 p.m., agents watched a bartender mix five shots of an alcoholic drink and take them to three guests Bar posed.

Kosta Maria LLC., Known as Georgjz419 Food & Spirits, has received a subpoena for improper conduct – misconduct. Agents observed guests standing in several areas of the facility, including near the heated outdoor bar / patio area, without social distancing while drinking alcohol.

Frankie Goes to Town LLC., Known as Chevy’s Bar, received a summons for improper conduct – disorderly activity. Agents observed that no measures were taken by employees to ensure and maintain social distance. Agents observed about 70 guests dancing while drinking alcohol and standing close together. Guests huddled near the DJ area even without social distancing.

Cases are being brought before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for possible penalties, including fines and / or suspension or revocation of alcohol permits.

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