TolHouse: Toledo’s entrepreneurial class has a new social club

Will Lucas describes his company TolHouse as “for the living”. Given the social ecosystem he’s trying to create, another word comes to mind: potential.

Lucas explains that TolHouse at 1447 N. Summit St. will be a social club for the urban residential, creative and entrepreneurial classes, offering space for collaboration and innovation. The goal is essentially twofold – to help individuals reach their potential, which in turn helps the city reach their potential. TolHouse will be a hub for people to build relationships and networks.

“There are many places you can meet people who could move your mission forward, but these interactions are often temporary,” said Lucas. “So I wanted to create a consistent ecosystem where everyone who’s a member does something in this community to help drive the narrative. You can add value to me and I can offer you added value. ”

Leadership experience

Lucas is no newbie to business start-ups and strategic planning. He is the co-founder and CEO of Creadio, a full-service marketing technology and production agency specializing in video production and communication strategy. Lucas became the youngest member of the University of Toledo Board of Trustees in 2016 and is also a member of the Ohio Casino Control Commission, which is currently serving its third term. According to Lucas, TolHouse was a logical next step.

“I was a marketing and tech guy, but I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” said Lucas. “That was six years ago in New York. I’ve been to a social club and I’ve never been to a social club before. I’ve been with people who looked like me. You were in the art. There were musicians, artists, actors, etc. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen and they put a lot of emphasis on the design of the rooms. I realized I wanted to do something like this. And that was my dream for six years. ”

Options for all interests

TolHouse will include a large lounge area for meeting friends or colleagues, collaborative workspaces, a jazz club and coffee house, and several bars and eateries.

In addition, Lucas plans to host curated art exhibitions and other special events, all with a view of the water.
According to Lucas, the aim is to create a space that invites you to work, play and relax.

“My intention was to build a place where people could spend all day,” said Lucas.

“Maybe you come in the morning, have a protein bowl and a smoothie, and sit in the coffeehouse with your laptop. Maybe afterwards you have a meeting in one of the lounges. At the end of your working day, you can then decide to have a cocktail in one of our bars with a friend or partner. And later that evening, stay in our jazz club for a show. You have the opportunity to gain different experiences, regardless of your interests. “

According to Lucas, the name TolHouse – aside from being inspired by the name of the city – reinforces that idea. “The TolHouse name is inspired by our concept of being a place where our members can spend all day – from breakfast to nightcap – and conduct all of their daily business on our premises, from work to entertainment.”

Lots of space,
Lots of options

With a footprint of 25,000 square feet, TolHouse’s offerings will be rolled out gradually over the next year. The first phase includes four lounges, two bars, a pool table, a coffee house and a kitchen. The second phase, which includes the jazz club, will hopefully open in time for the Solheim Cup, which is planned, according to Lucas
start on 08/31

In order to gain access to TolHouse, interested individuals must complete an application which will be reviewed by the TolHouse Membership Committee. TolHouse membership applications are available immediately on the website. According to Lucas, membership is dependent on being active in the community.

“TolHouse will be a place for the people who are working to make Toledo the city we all believe could be,” said Lucas. “If I’m sitting next to you in one of the bars in TolHouse, I should probably know who you are because you’re in this room, right?” You are known to be part of the community of makers. ”

TolHouse, 1447 N. Summit St. in the Vistula District.

To learn more about TolHouse and to access the membership application, visit

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