Toledo’s New Art Mall: The Art on Market Shoppes offers variety of beauty

There’s plenty to enjoy on a quiet Saturday morning on Market Street. The peasants of Toledo Market full of fruit and vegetable stalls, homemade jams and honey, freshly picked Flowers and local handcrafted treasures; The residents of the Warehouse District enjoy brunch on the outdoor terrace of the Souk Mediterranean Kitchen; The main signage for the Libbey Glass Outlet; and the yellow luggage rack, one of ToleGO’s many bike sharing hubs. The decidedly urban combination of fresh products, fine cuisine, handicrafts in the hometown and innovative public transport makes one wonder whether they have found themselves in a much larger city.

Check out the open roof door of the newest addition on the corner: The Art on Market Shoppes, which includes an anchor shop (Toledo Lamp Company) and five 350-500-square-foot studios for local artists and entrepreneurs to create and sell. Each room is as unique as the local artists.

Toledo lamp company
Mitchell and Scott Antesky bought the Toledo Lamp Company in 2020 and are expecting Art on Market Shoppes should be fully operational in May 2021. They rebuilt the old warehouse Storage space in an exhibition room for eclectic upcycling lamps, which they describe as “Alice in.” Wonderland meets Pee-Wee’s playhouse. ”Their lamps, including reused toy dump trucks, Chewing gum machines, fire extinguishers, blenders, and more use designer Edison lightbulbs to add style and eccentricity to any living space. Check product availability on their website:

Abstract overspray
Studio 1 is home to Michael Osborn from Abstract Overspray. He is self-taught, multidisciplinary Artist who started out in graffiti art and describes his work as “hyper-digital abstract realism”. in the In addition to the works in his studio, he has murals in Marion, IN, Auburn Heights, MI, Boise, ID, and throughout the Toledo area. Check out his portfolio:

Jeanette Price is an independent paparazzi accessories consultant who has her jewelry made Studio 3. Their unique and affordable jewelry ($ 5 each) is 100% lead and nickel free and available for men, women and little divas in training and certainly the perfect accessory for everyone Opportunity. More information about her collection:

Art by Jim Zalewski
The artist Jim Zalewski can be found in Studio 4 under a cloud-painted ceiling with his fine arts Painting. Jim combines old and new techniques in his work. He is an outspoken local advocate of the importance of art in the modern economy. He fights against the exploitation of the creative class, so stop by the market and buy some of his (and the other artists’) works.

Dope AF Studios
Studio 5 is the home of Shai Bedsloe and Darius Simpson, managers of Dope AF Studios. Together they bring street photography and abstract painting from graffiti culture into a diverse collection of original works of art. Join them in the studio to see what new experimental pieces they develop next.

The enchanted mystics
The final studio, Studio 6, brings a spiritual presence to the Art on Market Shoppes. Mee Sanders and her team present metaphysical elements, tailor-made crystal jewelry, candles and much more in their room. Stop by on the weekend to see all they have to offer.

The Art on Market Shoppes
The Art on Market Shoppes are open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. You are at 201 South Erie Street, adjacent to the Libbey Glass Outlet and across the front entrance of Erie Street and, weather permitting, the overhead door of the Toledo Lamp Company’s Market Street terrace. Shops are also open during the night markets from June to September and at other times during certain downtown events.

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