Toledo to receive $1 million for home health & safety measures, energy conservation

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Congressman Marcy Kaptur (D) on Wednesday announced $ 1 million federal funding for health, safety and energy talks for Toledo homes.

It is part of a pilot program for federal housing infrastructure by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Ministry of Energy. Kaptur, chairman of the house’s energy and water development subcommittee, secured $ 5 million to create the pilot program, which will be split between five US cities. Toledo is just a recipient.

Toledo’s funding was given to the Department of Neighborhoods and NeighborWorks Toledo to help address health and safety risks in at least 40 homes across the city. The money awarded will address hazards to lead paint, mold and moisture, pest infestation, air quality and much more. The funds can also be used for energy audits and the identification and implementation of energy-saving measures.

“There is no greater investment in an individual’s economic future than an investment in a home,” said Kaptur. “This initiative will increase house values ​​and at the same time reduce energy costs as an important measure to combat poverty. Ultimately, it will help our community and our country do their part to achieve our climate goals for reducing energy consumption. “

Kaptur was joined by the Mayor of Toledo, Wade Kapszukiewicz, MP Paula Hicks-Hudson, and the heads of the Ministry of Neighborhoods and NeighborWorks Toledo in the Junction district for the announcement.

Kapszukiewicz notes that the funding opportunity is an indication of a new approach and philosophy among executives in Washington, DC, under the Biden administration.

“Resources are now finally being made available to people and neighborhoods rather than banks and airlines on Wall Street and people making gold in Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere,” said Kapszukiewciz. “You will see more and more of this from Congressman Kaptur and her allies on Capitol Hill because there has been an ideological shift that is benefiting real people for the first time in generations.”

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