Toledo requests to be declared a ‘catastrophic zone’ after the flooding

Toledo applies to be declared a “disaster zone” after the flood. Image: Twitter

AFTER the severe floods that hit parts of Spain on Wednesday 1st September, the province of Toledo has applied to be declared a “disaster zone”.

The Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha became “an area seriously affected by a civil protection disaster” on Wednesday 1st.

According to 112 emergency services, nearly 500 incidents were recorded in the Toledo province alone on Wednesday, one of the most serious in the capital itself, where a main road turned into a river, while Civil Guard officials have reported rescuing two elderly women in the city of Cobisa by being formed a human chain and used a rope to avoid being washed away by the raging waters.

Almost 500 incidents were recorded Wednesday by the 112 emergency services in the Toledo province, the most serious in the provincial capital, where one of its street entrances has been converted into a river, and in Cobisa, where Civil Guard officers helped rescue two elderly women by they put on a human chain and hold on to a rope so as not to be carried away by the water.

A resident of Cobisa somehow managed to record the thundering stream of water that flattened the garden wall of his villa and flooded his house – which has since gone viral on social networks – with Mario Rodriguez, who says: “We had to dive between the furniture. We almost drowned. The water reached my head and luckily it broke open a door and escaped the house, ”as reported by

The floods in Cobisa (#Toledo) caused a lot of damage. In this video you can see how the outer wall of the house gives in to the power of water.

So far, no personal injuries have been reported by #DANA in Castilla-La Mancha. Https://

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