Toledo Police increasing presence at parks following shooting

Antonio Boone, 40, was shot in the arm and rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Some people in downtown Toledo are demanding a larger police presence in the neighborhood after a shooting at an allegedly fun family event.

The shooting, in which one person was injured, occurred on Sunday evening in Savage Park, Elizabeth and Nebraska, during an annual basketball tournament.

Antonio Boone, 40, was shot in the arm and rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Henrietta Savage-Armstrong is the head chef and supervisor at the Martin Luther King Center Kitchen for the Poor, which is right next to Savage Park. She said her son was at the City Park League basketball game when the shots rang out.

“There’s not always something bad here when the tournament is on,” said Armstrong. “But there is always a bad person who makes life difficult for all the innocent children who come here.”

Armstrong thinks there should have been a police presence at the game. Toledo Police confirm the officers were absent, but they have a SkyCop mobile camera in the parking lot that has been there for about a month.

A spokesman said there would be more patrols in the area and others in the future.

“We will step up enforcement and increase our official presence to know that we will be seen at these events,” said Sgt. Adam Fisch said. “And it’s not just Savage Park, unfortunately. We have to do this all over town.”

Armstrong believes a lack of parental discipline contributes to increased crime.

“[The parents] They don’t want to go to jail, “she said.” They lost their jobs because they didn’t cheer their child so that the children would get out of hand. That’s the way it is.”

Armstrong wonders if the league will cancel their next games because of the shootout. WTOL has contacted the league and is waiting for an answer.

TPD made no arrests at the shootings.

In addition to the shootings on Sunday evening, there were multiple shootings over the weekend. Two people were killed in eastern Toledo on Saturday night. A woman was also shot dead in the center of Toledo on Saturday.

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