Toledo police found body believed to be Braylen Noble

The coroner’s office will perform an autopsy Thursday morning to determine the cause of death. The results are expected by 1 p.m.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The Lucas County coroner office has confirmed that the body of an infant found in the Hunters Ridge Apartments swimming pool is 3-year-old Braylen Noble, who was reported missing last Friday.

Toledo Police announced that a body was found Wednesday afternoon that they believed was from Braylen.

The coroner’s office will perform an autopsy Thursday morning to determine the cause of death. The results are expected by 1 p.m.

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Braylen was reported missing in the Hunters Ridge Apartments on Friday afternoon on the 3400 block of Gibraltar Heights Drive.

The organizers asked attendees to stay peaceful and bring their own candles, although they have some available for those who don’t bring them.

The search for the boy began around 12:30 pm on Friday when Braylen’s grandmother called the police because she and the boy’s mother could not find him.

She said he jumped or fell out of a third-floor apartment window just after noon

The pool was searched by divers on Friday but nothing was found. That tragically changed six days later when the toddler, who was nonverbal and has autism, was believed to have been discovered in the water.

This is now considered a death investigation and is still an active investigation, according to Toledo Police Department.

Braylen’s mother and grandmother were taken out of the apartment complex by the police. They weren’t handcuffed.

During the first 911 call from Braylen’s grandmother on Friday, she noticed that they had searched the apartment and outside the complex and saw no signs of the missing boy.

Police say it is customary to revisit areas that have already been searched to see if anything has been missed, and that is exactly what happened on Wednesday.

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The community gathers at the Hunters Ridge Apartments to hold the vigil in honor of Braylen Noble

More than 100 people gathered in front of the Hunters Ridge Apartments for a candlelight vigil in honor of Braylen on Wednesday evening.

Teddy bears, candles and balloons lined the edge of the pool, where police and fire brigade found Braylen’s body just hours before the vigil began in the early afternoon.

“I wanted to support him, I wanted to express my condolences to him,” said the vigil participant Marcinni Leal.

Leal watched the search for Braylen on the news and said now is a time when the community needs to come together.

“This is Toledo, we love everyone, you see, everyone is all different colors out here, there isn’t just one group of people,” said Talaya Hill, organizer of the vigil.

After Hill learned of Braylen’s death, he posted on Facebook about the vigil, bought candles, and worked with Braylen’s cousin so the community could mourn together.

“I felt like this is a better way to grieve when you are with a lot of people who feel the way you feel. Therefore, love is badly needed, especially for the family,” she said.

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