Toledo Mud Hens 2021 season delayed

The MLB, which uses alternative locations similar to 2020, will postpone the Triple A season for about four weeks from April 6th.

TOLEDO, Ohio – It’s another hit in the Toledo Mud Hens season, which is slated to begin April 6th.

ESPN sources initially reported that the Triple A season will be delayed by at least a month as the MLB will return to using alternative development locations for the 2021 season.

The Mud Hens, who play in the top triple-A, confirmed in a statement that the MLB has decided to postpone the start date.

The Mud Hens were informed on Tuesday evening.

The previous start date on April 6th will now be delayed and postponed to the start of Double-A and the other small professional leagues. These leagues are expected to play in the first week of May.

Some executives told ESPN that they believe the alternate locations could last longer in the season. Last year, alternative locations were used as training facilities for players most likely to join their major league teams. The fifth and third field was used as an alternative training location for the Detroit Tigers, their subsidiary in the major league, due to its proximity to Comerica Park.

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To make up for lost games, the Triple A teams now expect the season to run into September.

The hope is that as the COVID-19 vaccination process picks up pace and baseball returns to a sense of normalcy, more players can be vaccinated. Vaccinations would give Triple A players an easier way to join their MLB teams – a huge benefit as the MLB’s top notch farming system is often invoked.

Having recently learned of this delay, the Mud Hens are determining what it will mean for the team and the 2021 season. Information will be made available to fans and partners as soon as it becomes available.

WTOL 11 anchor Jeff Smith will speak to Lucas County’s agent Gary Byers shortly about delaying the season. This article will be updated with the latest information as we receive it.

This is a developing story.

Reporting by ESPN’s Jeff Passan contributed to this story.

Alternative locations are returning – and the AAA season, which should begin April 6, will be delayed by at least a month, according to ESPN.

News on ESPN about the reason for the delay, the wait for vaccines and how this website will be different from the 2020s:

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