Toledo Mayor discusses sexual harassment charges against officers

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – We are now hearing from Toledo’s Mayor about the two police sergeants who were disciplined and sent inappropriate messages for sexual harassment of female workers this week.

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz says he fully supports police chief George Kral and city officials in dealing with a “terrible situation”.

He says the discipline was a balancing act.

It’s a balancing act because the discipline in a union organization like the Toledo Police Department is very different from that in a typical private company. Referees and legal action come into play a lot more and could have in this case.

Sexual harassment by Toledo Police Sergeant Kevin Nebors and former Sergeant Matt Gabel towards female officers is behavior that, according to Toledo’s mayor, cannot happen.

“When you have people in positions of authority who act like these sergeants did, that doesn’t make me happy,” said Kapszukiewicz.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz said the city will not tolerate it and has been briefed on the discipline.

Nabors received a 20-day ban, all on hold, which means no more days will be served unless he makes another mistake over the next three years.

Gabel was suspended for 60 days, 20 were served, 40 were suspended and demoted to patrolman. His violations justified this from the mayor.

“Am I someone who wishes this officer no longer works in the police department? Yes, probably. I think I will probably fall into this camp, but I wholeheartedly support the police chief and the security director, ”said Kapszukiewicz.

Chef Kral told 13abc on Monday that these penalties had been agreed on fearing something stronger, including termination by an arbitrator, could be overturned due to collective bargaining. That made the discipline difficult.

“I know you invested a lot of time. Her main focus was on getting to a discipline that would stand up, ”said Kapszukiewicz.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz says it is now time to rebuild trust and relationships in the department. He added that he knows everyone involved wanted to make sure they develop this discipline that will last. This discipline cannot be canceled.

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