Toledo Mayor concerned about new lead law

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz is happy that the city is protecting children from lead poisoning but is concerned about moving advice that has been made to do so.

The council approved the move, which requires lead testing of all Toledo rental properties at the council meeting on Tuesday. Kapszukiewicz says he signed the law, but he says, “I’m afraid the ordinance (passed by the city council) could destroy our attempts to protect children from lead poisoning.”

The original leading law was challenged by landlords in the region and has been held in litigation for two years. The city only submitted oral arguments to the appeals court last week and expects a judgment either in December or in January at the latest.

The passage of this new law can affect the judgment and create new legal challenges. Anna Mills is the president of the Toledo Real Estate Investment Association and tells 13abc that her organization is most likely to challenge the new law.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz says he will definitely do his best to work with the council on the new law, but hopes members will be flexible to make adjustments if the city faces challenges in implementing all aspects of the law.

“If we don’t make any real progress in addressing these new questions and details, I also hope that you will be open to further changes and clarifications,” he said.

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