Toledo kicks off residential road repair program

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced the official launch of Toledo’s residential street repair program on Wednesday.

The initiative began after Toledo voters approved a 0.25% tax hike in November to fund the upgrades. According to the mayor, this is the first time the city has had a stream of funding devoted exclusively to road repairs.

“We have of course renewed roads in the past, but we had to choose from other capital requirements, among other things, because we did not have our own stream that could only be used to repair roads,” said Kapszukiewicz. “Because of the wisdom of Toledo voters last fall and the yes vote in the fourth edition, we are doing this now … it will be a change for this city.”

The 2021 plan is to rehabilitate around 42 miles of streets and tackle 109 Toledo streets. Last year the city could only afford about 3 miles of repairs that covered about seven streets.

The mayor made the announcement at the intersection of Beechway Blvd. and Stamford Drive waving a green flag to symbolically mark the start of the project. Some who live in the neighborhood have expressed support for the initiative.

“It will definitely add value, and not just financially, but the general feel of the street and the neighborhood,” said April Rumschlag, a Beechway resident.

The city of Toledo is said to receive $ 188 million from the American rescue plan. Part of this funding could be used to further finance the road program in the future.

Check the Toledo Road Works List to see if there are any road repairs planned in your neighborhood.

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