Toledo football player ejected after one of the nastiest targeting penalties you’ll see

Toledo soccer players ejected

Now that Bowers accepts this strike, it is uncertain, but it seems like he should have. Northern Illinois won the game.

Toledo soccer players ejectedToledo soccer players ejected

Bowers walked and slipped, then sailed back to his knees and Taylor came in, leaving a blow from behind that is painful to see. It was labeled a normal foul.

“We are disappointed that this drama happened,” said Toledo coach Jason Candle in a statement. “It’s not something we train. We will use it as a teaching aid for our employees about the value of the subject in psychological times. “

During Wednesday night’s game between Northern Illinois and Toledo, Rockets defensive end Terrance Taylor placed a late slap on Huskies quarterback Ross Bowers, also it’s one of the most egregious cases of goals you will ever notice.

However, because of the punishment, Toledo said Taylor would be frozen.

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