Toledo football athletes learning to build their brands

The Rockets take online courses to learn how to market themselves long after their football careers are finished.

TOLEDO, Ohio – student-athletes making money are becoming a real opportunity. The University of Toledo Football Program helps their team brand themselves. Whether in the jersey or in the real world, they have the skills to be successful.

The University of Toledo Football announced Thursday morning that the team would begin branding marketing training. While the NCAA investigates, athletes are paid for their name, image, and likeness. This training will help them do this, but the goal is to keep these life skills with you long after the game is over.

“I think we’re trying to make sure their brand doesn’t just wear a football uniform,” said Jason Candle. “It’s always at the forefront of our discussions. We’re talking about life after football and that will help us a lot.”

Head coach Jason Candle read “Brands win Championships” by Jeremy Darlow. The idea was born to help his team build their brand to win the championship of life. He wants his players to be as successful off the field as they are at the Glass Bowl.

“When that final call comes that your football career is over, we want you to be ready to turn the page,” said Candle.

“Once you get into the real world, it’s all about differentiation. Anything you can make unique on this resume to help you stand out will help,” said Jeremy Darlow.

With Jeremy’s help, the online courses learn each rocket, build its brand, and learn how to market itself. When the helmet is taken off, employers compete to get it.

“Ultimately, we are all brands. For each and every one of us, it is our responsibility to make sure our brand is stronger than the next person,” said Darlow.

“I hope they take full advantage of what is coming to them. I really feel like this comes from a really good place. What he wants to get out of this program and what we want for our student athletes is consistent.” said Candle.

The course is online based and the student athletes can complete it at their own pace.

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