toledo christian thriving in eight man football

The Eagles were one of the founding teams with 8 players last year. In just one year there was tremendous growth.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Eight-man soccer began in Ohio last season and has grown in just a year.

Toledo Christian is one of those schools that has moved to 8 men. A decision they originally made based on low numbers ended up having more positives.

“What we thought at first was to play football, we had to make that transition. We were a bit scared at first because we didn’t know,” said Tim Wensink, Toledo Christian sporting director. “If we know what we know now, it was the best decision for us.

The difference of a few fewer players at a time makes a big difference in depth. Toledo Christian now doesn’t have to rely on all players to play both ways.

“These guys went both ways the whole time. Now we don’t have that so we can play one way,” said Wensink. The boys are not tired and the injuries are down. Even the strategic things make football a better quality because you can play hard every game. “

The first day the Eagles played 8-man, Wensink knew the school had made the right choice.

“Our first scrimmage was in Michigan and there were eight teams. We did a great job,” said Wensink. “It was a fun atmosphere and we played over 110 downs. After that I knew it was the right thing to do.”

Another big step from year one to year two is that there are now enough teams to play for the championship title.

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