Toledo Chief of Staff Catherine Crosby leaving post in June

Crosby takes over Apex, NC township

TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Chief of Staff Catherine Crosby is leaving her position next month to become city manager of Apex, NC

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz made the announcement on Wednesday. He thanked her for her work and her commitment to the city.

“Katy was a faithful and fearless leader for Toledo,” said Mayor Kapszukiewicz. “I am grateful for your endless hours of work, commitment and advice over the past three years. I will miss her daily guidance and presence, but I know Katy is destined for great things in her new role in Apex. “

Kapszukiewicz said Crosby played a key role in several victories for the city, including regional water, the Southwyck property and the Jeep plant expansion. She has also been involved in housing initiatives and economic development.

She also helped launch the mayors’ initiative to reduce gun violence.

“I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved while in town,” said Crosby. “I’ve learned so much personally and professionally. Without the mayor’s support, I couldn’t have achieved any of this. I accepted the role because, as an administrator, I believed I could fulfill my commitment to public service and creating fair opportunities for residents. The mayor trusted and allowed me to use his platform to do both. “

Crosby’s last day with Toledo is June 11th. Your duties will be shared between Deputy Chiefs of Staff Karen Poore and Abby Arnold for the remainder of the year.

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