Toledo Beer and Bacon Fest sizzles

For many people, the best part of summer is the various annual outdoor festivals. Whether it’s food, art or music, there’s a festival for everyone in northwest Ohio. The Toledo Beer and Bacon Fest, with a celebration of this magical and epicurean pairing on March 15.

This is the fifth year for the festival, which features a wide variety of beers, bacon dishes, and combinations of both. The Hungarian Club of Toledo and The Glass City Mashers are co-organizers of the festival.

Hodgepodge of Suds

The festival preparations are underway at the Hungarian Club Toledo. Glass City Mashers Media Coordinator Jon Sicotte discussed how the two organizations are preparing for the event. “The members of the Hungarian club make great bacon dishes, while the Mashers have members who make great beer.” Although the Mashers cannot sell home brewed beer, they have been in contact with more than 20 breweries to provide foam for the festival .

Beers from Sylvania, Bowling Green, Toledo, Fostoria, along with other local breweries, will demonstrate beer making skills in NW Ohio. “Many of these brewers started out as members of the Mashers,” explained Sicotte, “so our club is very proud of our alumni.” In fact, the festival was a starting point for some of these breweries Beer was served before the doors were opened. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Plates of pork

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Although it offers a second settlement, bacon is an equally important part of this festival. A new attraction for this year is a bacon-eating competition. Ten participants will try to be the first to lose a whole pound of crispy bacon, with medals available for the top finishers. There are many bacon-themed dishes from the Hungarian club. “I am thrilled with the audience’s reaction to the new bacon pushers and ‘bacon pops,'” said Sciotte.

As expected, the festival also has a few crossover delicacies to offer. Festival beers were specially brewed with bacon or have used bacon in the brewing process. “Beer in sauce is an easy way to take advantage of the different flavors in beer,” explains Sicotte. So expect dishes that combine both ingredients. Whether you are a beer lover or a bacon lover, this year you will be amazed at what is going on at the Beer and Bacon Fest.

The Toledo Beer and Bacon Fest will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2019, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
The Hungarian Club of Toledo, 224 Paine Ave.
Tickets are priced at $ 30 and $ 35 at the box office.

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