Toledo adds patch and seal tool to preserve roads

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The city of Toledo is tackling major road repairs. This year the city has new money to finance the mission. Voters approved a road tax back in November that raises $ 19 million annually to fund road repairs.

There is also a new tool this year. The patch and seal process is used on roads that need some help but are still in good condition. A city worker says potholes are milled and then a crack sealer is used before a final seal is made over the entire pavement.

The aim is to stretch the budget and extend the life of the roads.

“We’re trying to target roads that don’t necessarily need this procedure yet, but we want an application that will last the sidewalk 5-7 years longer,” says Jeremy Mikolajczyk, Commissioner for Roads, Bridges, and Ports.

According to Mikolajczyk, this tool increases the number of streets the city can repair while also giving engineers time to catch up on larger projects. Toledo is also expected to reduce the number of potholes that require constant attention. In 2019, city workers filled more than 140,000 potholes across the city, many of them repeated.

The full list of the City of Toledo’s construction projects for this year can be found here.

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