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Everyone is welcome to dine here in the restaurant or take a tour of the building … if you are brave enough.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The Toledo Yacht Club was founded in the 1860s. At that time the building was made of wood and destroyed by fire at the beginning of the 20th century.

Shortly afterwards, it was completely converted from concrete into the historic building known today.

“This building is well over 100 years old. Four concrete stories and it’s beautiful and everyone in Toledo deserves to visit this place, ”said John HC Thompson, a seaman at the Toledo Yacht Club.

The club has a membership that comes with its benefits.

“Free pool We have a pool, not many clubs have pools. If you are a member, you don’t have to pay for a room rental, you even rent a ballroom for free,” said Jan Kiel, commodore of the Toledo Yacht Club.

The building also welcomes the public to dine in the restaurant and take a tour of the building for anyone looking for a good scare.

“If you love history, especially the history of Toledo, you can come here if you love paranormal activity. Many people believe that this building is haunted. Bizarre things have happened here. Some of the staff have crazy stories, ”Thompson said.

Some people say they heard voices and saw ghosts in the ballroom.

“They can come and the members can certainly have parties up here, and this is actually one of the supposedly haunted rooms in the club. A woman has been known to walk these walls in a fabulous 1920s dress and a little boy has been known to come here and talk to kids, ”added Thompson.

Although the club is a popular attraction, it invites guests and hosts events. A list of upcoming events can be found here.

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