The second battle in Toledo’s Witter Elementary was captured in the video

Another violent attack involving a 14-year-old victim was caught on camera outside of school almost two weeks before the first attack.

Toledo, Ohio – Last week, a 14-year-old boy was beaten and passed out outside Whittier Elementary School in western Toledo. Another boy was attacked in the same location almost two weeks ago.

The 11-year-old victim’s mother believes some of the same young suspects were involved in both attacks.

The mother, who does not want to be identified, said her 11-year-old son and two older brothers went to school at midnight on May 4 to play in the park. The 11-year-old quarreled with another child, followed by a one-on-one fight, and another child jumped in.

Relationship: The subconsciously beaten boy is a volunteer in a program to prevent Toledo’s children from committing crimes.

The mother says her son’s brother tried to protect him.

“You can clearly see them trampling their heads in the video,” said the mother in a telephone interview. “I hurt my heart. It was maybe a lot worse than before. “

The 11-year-old child suffered abrasions and bruises, but his mother said he was born with cerebrospinal fluid bubbles in his brain so he could be killed with a single false blow.

Another violent attack was caught on camera in front of the school almost two weeks later.

Witnesses told police they saw the perpetrator suffocate a 14-year-old boy and throw him to the ground. The boy was kicked and beaten and his bike was picked up and hit his head. Then the perpetrator fled the scene.

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The police are still looking for the suspect and have not been arrested.

Police said the attack, which came from just posting on social media, was not true.

The 11-year-old mother said she would be prosecuted this week.

“It’s so sad that I hope it never happens to you or your loved one. Do something creative or be constructive in your time, ”she said.

We received this statement from the Toledo Public School:

“Student safety remains a top priority at Toledo Public Schools. As the summer vacation approaches a few days later, Toledo police officers are near the school to prevent potential problems among young people in the neighborhood. Patrol. The district’s public safety department provides this type of support to our schools and students. “

The second battle in Toledo’s Witter Elementary was captured on video

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