The program helps Toledo children prepare to become professionals

Former Toledo Mayor Curty Finkbiner called on young people to have more opportunities at a press conference. FLOC Homies is a group that has hit the road.

Toledo, Ohio – With the recent surge in crime, a former Toledo mayor is asking young people to give more opportunities.

We turned to one of these programs known as the FLOC Homies Program.

The aim is to show the children that they are successful.

Every week the FLOC Homies Union builds a farming work organizing committee for 2 hours.

Program manager Alonso Thouzer said:

He works with students in an environment that gives them the tools and resources to understand what success looks like.

“I learned how to write a resume and how to conduct interviews. I learned to speak professionally, such as body movements and eye contact. That’s it. “FLOC Homies Union Program.

Interns are also paid to participate in the program.

“At the end of the program, more than 50% of the students are ready or already working. The purpose of the program is to set up an internship in the community and get better grades. Understand what the workplace is like. ”

For someone like Jasmine Scott, there is an opportunity one day to realize their ambitions.

“I know I want to help people get well, so I’m looking for a psychiatric ward for younger children and I’m also a teacher. I have not decided yet. “Hm,” said Scott.

Classes keep children off the streets and encourage them to improve.

“I like giving the students I work with a sense of self-determination. Give them the opportunity to work with the CEO mindset rather than the beginner level so that they understand how to climb. . Ladder. ”

And an opportunity to develop yourself professionally and yourself.

If you’re interested in this program, Southard will stop by 1221 Broadway St. to check out or call 419-243-3456. ..

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The program helps children in Toledo prepare to become professionals

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