Selling Up or Selling Out? 7 Things I Wish I Could Steal From Toledo History

Fort Industry Square is currently undergoing a major renovation, meaning the collection of buildings filled with Toledo’s history from the early 19th century could soon have a new modern, lifeless, and less historically significant aesthetic that may just be is a shallow nod to the past.

The rehabilitation efforts are due in part to ProMedica. In 2016, the Green Overlords bought buildings 116 through 152 at North Summit for $ 4 million as part of their $ 60 million investment in downtown real estate to create a “healthier Toledo.”

Less than a year later, the healthcare provider overturned the real estate contract and sold the property to Karp & Associates of Lansing, Michigan for an undisclosed amount. Now the new owners undertake to convert the building, built around 1800, into urgently needed apartments and commercial space.

While the “progress” of redevelopment paves the way for a new Toledo, during one you can Online auction of almost 400 itemsThese include doors, stained glass windows, and iron fittings, all of which were harvested from Fort Industry Square.

The auction of these important and iconic pieces of local history will run until Friday September 13th and some of the prices are an absolute bargain!

Here are some of our favorites. Get them while they’re hot and still exist in Toledo!

Two bathtubs

Selling-Up5Gwen Stefani probably wasn’t thinking of historical Toledoans when she sang, “I still love washing myself in your old bath water.” But who knows? Maybe it was. No doubt it was weird, and so could you, if you bought those two old bathtubs.

Tin crown molding

Selling-Up3 Nothing says “I bought this impulsively at an online auction” like decorating your studio apartment with such a device. Boastful? We take it as a compliment.

Wrought iron gates

Selling-Up4Are you trying to keep your guests in or out? It does not matter. Nobody will want to leave your iron fortress once you’ve installed these ancient gates!

Plaster lion head bust

Sale9Rawr! Roar out loud “I am the king of my own jungle” with this bold accessory that is in equal parts gaudy and ugly. Tacky takes courage. Flaunt it!

Tiffany inspired solid brass watch

Selling-Up6Do you regret this purchase? Just time will tell. Ha! Got it? It is a clock.

Vintage brass cinema ticket ticket window

Selling-Up8That’s actually really cool. I am not kidding about it. Hope a sophisticated art house cinema in Brooklyn buys it!

5 glass windows

Selling-Up7Weren’t these only highlighted in the next issue of? linger? Cant wait to read how someone unrelated to Toledo bought these stained glass windows online to steal them. I bet these unassigned pieces of local history would look like a maze in a New York state vacation home.

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