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The Greater Toledo Jewish Union and the University of Toledo Hillel University responded to the drawing of a crocodile on the sidewalk of the University of Toledo near the village of honor.

Toledo University Police are investigating the case, and Angela Fitzpatrick, director of the university’s Catherine S. Everly Women’s Center, reported on June 1. The swastika was removed from the sidewalk.

Stephen Rothschild, executive director of the Greater Toledo Jewish Federation, told Columbus Jewish News on June 4 that the Commonwealth was concerned about rising anti-Semitism.

“We are concerned about the Jewish students at the university and their awareness of their safety and their awareness of the safety and security on campus and on campus,” said Rothschild. “We have also asked university management for a statement condemning this anti-Semitic act, but so far there has been no official statement from the university.”

Rothschild said he wanted a stronger response than the following from the university media service:

“The University of Toledo takes graffiti and vandalism of university property seriously, especially to ensure a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates and respects people of all backgrounds and experiences. Read the section “especially if you are sending a message that is contrary to our worth”.

The university declined to ask for further comments.

The Toledo Federation issued a statement condemning the crime.

“In the face of growing anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews, this threat cannot be ignored and should be criticized by all who support social justice, religious freedom, impartiality and inclusivity. It was signed by Sue Ann Hochberg, chairwoman of the Jewish community council. Richard Lasgo, President of the Toledo Federation. Daniel Perlman, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council. And Rothschild.

Hiller from the university blamed the act.

A statement from the University of Toledo said: “We show solidarity with Jewish students and members of the University of Toledo as we continue to strive to create a more inclusive and positive atmosphere for everyone at the University of Toledo.” remains a safe place for Jewish students to live, study and celebrate Jewish life, ”said Hillel in cooperation with the administration.

Hillel contacted the student at the 24-hour support phone number 419-343-9946 and advised him to use it.

James Pash, regional director of the Cleveland Anti-Defamation League, also blamed the case.

“Jewish students should not be perceived as dangerous or undesirable in higher education,” Pash wrote in an email to CJN on June 4. There is nowhere in the country. The person who chose to devastate the University of Toledo with this anti-Judaism symbol is not representative of Toledo or Ohio. “

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