Plenty of free family fun at Toledo Jeep Fest

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Jeeps are about to hit the streets of downtown Toledo as this year’s edition of the Toledo Jeep Fest goes into full swing on Friday. While most of the event will focus on the iconic vehicle, there will be plenty of fun activities for the junior jeepers as well. The Festival Park and the new upper room of the Imagination Station will be transformed into a children’s zone this weekend.

“I think the last year has been so difficult for so many people, especially the kids who were in and out of school,” said Amy Mohr, senior information officer at the science center. “It gives them the opportunity to hang out with other kids and have a lot of fun. But it also promotes learning. “

The theme of this year’s Kid’s Zone is building.

“We’ll encourage the kids to get creative, work with their hands, and build a range of structures,” says Mohr. “This is an opportunity for children to use their creativity, see what they can build, make mistakes, and change their jobs. We want them to enjoy working with their hands and be aspiring engineers themselves. “

The Science Center always has something called a craft activity that changes every month. The theme for August is tied to the Glass City River Wall, a mural painted on 28 ADM silos in Toledo. Visitors to the Kid’s Zone this weekend can be part of an interactive project linked to the giant mural along the Maumee River.

“Our handicraft project this month is a community mural,” explains Mohr. “We ask people to tell a Toledo story on a small piece of paper. This could be your favorite restaurant or an attraction that you enjoy visiting. We’re going to take that outside this weekend so the people in the Kid’s Zone have a chance to be part of the project. “

While the Kids Zone is in the Imagination Station, Hensville becomes the Family Zone. The road will be closed and the area will be full of things like inflatables and a climbing wall. There will also be activities in the ballpark, including a mobile wading pool.

The hope is that with all the fun at Jeep Fest, there are some important lessons to be learned.

“If we can only inspire one child to do it, that’s fun or that’s cool, then we’ve done our job,” says Mohr.

The fun at Imagination Station and Hensville is free. A number of community organizations will take part in the events at the two locations. There will be activities on both Saturday and Sunday. Click here for all the details.

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