Pandemic changed the shape of Ohio medical student’s future

TOLEDO, Ohio – The pandemic has changed many things, including the way students learn.

After four years of undergrad and seven years of postgraduate studies, Claire Meikle graduated from the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Toledo with an MD and a PhD in Biomedicine.

She says learning was different during a pandemic, but luckily there were many new opportunities for medical students to take advantage of.

“We were able to help with vaccination clinics and COVID-19 tests and many of these hands-on experiences that we would not have had an opportunity without this pandemic,” said Meikle.

Meikle says she got new updates every day from the CDC and the World Health Organization to think about the future.

“What will we do when we actually go into practice? And how will that change the way we treat our patients,” said Meikle.

The pandemic also solidified their plan a bit more. She said she was excited to go into family medicine and psychiatry.

“I’ve seen the need for primary care in the Toledo community and across the country, which confirms my commitment to the specialty,” said Meikle.

She is graduating on Friday and will then head to Cincinnati to move into her new home before starting her residence.

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