Ohio third graders honor Black American women throughout history

A group of third graders at Ella P. Stewart Academy recognizes the historic advances black women have made in society. The annual event has been held for 23 years.

TOLEDO, Ohio – A group of third grade girls attended the Living Wax Museum’s 23rd annual event at the Ella P. Stewart Academy on Wednesday.

During the event, the students featured famous African American women from both history and modern times.

“My favorite part was the clothes and the speaking of the speech,” said Amahrianna King, who played Ella P. Stewart.

It’s an annual event where young girls learn how the women who came before them are change makers.

Their teacher Jackie Morris assigned each student a famous woman who resembles them.

During the class, students dress as themselves and present to the class what contributions they have made to society.

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“Well, my teacher picked it for us, but I loved being Ella P. Stewart because it’s the name of our school,” King said.

Other historical women include Amanda Gorman, who delivered a poem on inauguration day this year, and Kamala Harris, who currently serves as the first female Vice President of the United States.

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Your teacher says it is important that the girls learn about these women and realize that people who look like them have made great strides in our history.

“I like Maya Angelou because she is smart and was a teacher like Ms. Morris,” said Amia Glover, who played Maya Angelou.

Their teacher says that over the past few weeks students have researched their assigned individual and created a short script that they can present to their classmates.

Morris also said she was a little concerned that they might not make it with COVID and hybrid learning, but is glad they could continue that annual tradition.


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