Ohio high schoolers work on top secret electric vehicle project

While unable to provide the exact details, students say this is a life changing experience that they want to capitalize on once they graduate and join the workforce.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Technology Academy students prepare for the real world by working for a start-up auto company.

They even got the chance to take part in a secret project where prototypes were developed on a new truck.

As a senior, the group worked for Core Molding Technologies, which was commissioned to design and build the machines for a start-up platform for electric vehicles in Temperance.

“It was something that some of our students might be very interested in. He called me and said, ‘Hey, we need workers. We have a hard time finding workers.’ This is exactly what is happening across the country right now, “said David Volk, assistant director of the Toledo Technology Academy.

With the vacancies, four senior citizens did an internship to work in the company.

“We made prototypes. So these had to be built by hand. So it wasn’t that hard. It was cool work. It was pretty good fun. We mostly made hoods, fenders and underdogs,” said Brandon Esquiveo. Senior at the Toledo Technology Academy.

“Most of us have worked with sanding fiberglass and gluing parts together. We have assembled different parts of car bodies from this fiberglass and a special chemical adhesive to make sure these auto parts are properly bonded together,” said Jonah Fry, Senior at the Toledo Technology Academy.

But that’s about all the students can share.

“If it was proprietary information we weren’t allowed to share it. All I can really share with you is that it is a future truck design that you may see on the road for the next few years “Fry explained.

It all sounds top secret, but the experience is something these students want to take advantage of after graduation.

“I felt very, very happy. I know that many of my older friends have not been given an internship opportunity because of COVID. Usually every senior has the option to leave, but very few of us have been given the opportunity to do so because of COVID Given the opportunity to go anywhere at all, “said Nathan Glenn, senior at Toledo Technology Academy.

“It was a great glimpse of how similar the infrastructure is compared to the social environments as they collide. And that wasn’t really how you learn from a book or in class. It was a lot more,” said Ethan Guenther. a Senior at the Toledo Technology Academy.

All four graduated on Monday.

They tell us that they either plan to go to college or develop a career in engineering and technology.


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