Ohio Department of Education report cards

After Congress waived state testing requirements in the spring due to the pandemic, school principals said they were shocked that the state would release testimonials this year.

Dr. Romules Durant, superintendent of TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Public Schools, said the district was a little shocked that the state would be issuing certificates this year.

Congress waived state test requirements last spring because of the pandemic.

Now Durant said that more than 80% of these testimonials are incomplete.

“Much of this is incomplete, so it provides very little information. Ultimately, however, as a school district, we provide daily information that comes from our educators, who really are the best assessors of a child’s education,” said Durant.

When you look at a report card on the Ohio Department of Education website, it lists an “NR” and “NR” stands for “not reported,” meaning there is no need to issue a report or grade this year.

Despite the lack of data on the credentials, the district is still seeing signs of success, according to Jim Gault, Executive Transformational Leader of the curriculum.

“Our preliminary data shows that next year graduation will be the highest four-year graduation rate the district has ever had. We’re seeing strong performance in our Pre-K through three numbers,” said Gault.

District leaders in our area believe government assessments are not a priority right now.

Durant said heads of state should take this time to reevaluate the testimony system after many have called it flawed.

“If there’s a better time than now, the reporting metrics that could potentially be used need to be re-evaluated, re-evaluated and redefined,” said Durant.

He said TPS doesn’t rely on state credentials to determine if students are growing in the classroom.

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