Ohio coronavirus t-shirts that give back to charity

If you still surf, check out this list and give it back to others while you shop yourself.

OHIO, USA – When stocking up on socially distant, cozy clothes, consider ordering items that will give back to those who need them most.

A number of design stores across the state are working to make clothing of conscience and giving a portion of their proceeds to people affected by the coronavirus.

If you have the funds and you’re still browsing, check out this list of pandemic-related designs and give them back to the community while you shop for yourself.


Toledos Jūpmode created an inspiring shirt design to help those who are directly affected by COVID-19 in our own backyard.

The shop has partnered with United Way to create United We Stand shirts. The proceeds will benefit local people in need through the United Way Emergency Response Fund.

The fund was created by the United Way of Greater Toledo to contribute to things like student meals, basic health needs, financial stability, and potential needs in the future at a time when many people across the state are searching for resources.

Rep Toledo from home with our clothing dyed shirts, which are 100% cotton, made in the USA and have a broken-in feel. They are a heavier garment than our tri-blend t-shirts and have a more relaxed, spacious fit. These t-shirts are currently 25% off in our Stay Home sale.

United We Are Strong shirts are $ 24 each. You can order yours online by clicking here.

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Columbus-based clothing store HOMAGE has designed two shirts that will benefit organizations vital to the fight against the coronavirus.

The first design was by Dr. Amy Acton, director of the Ohio Department of Health, who was a key point of reference in the state’s response to the ongoing pandemic. Ohioans have grown used to seeing her face as she provides vital information at the daily press conferences led by Governor Mike DeWine.

A description on the HOMAGE website reads:

“Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear scrubs. Some wear uniforms. And some wear what you are currently wearing.”

In homage to Acton, the store partnered with Huckleberry House on the design, whose programs help youngsters at risk.

Proceeds from the sale of their “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” shirt will support Huckleberry House.

The shirt costs $ 32. You can check it out on the HOMAGE website by clicking here.

The second design by HOMAGE will benefit the American Red Cross. It quotes Ohio Governor Mike DeWine as saying, “We are Ohioans. We are horse chestnuts. We are strong.”

You can find the “We are Ohioans” design on either a t-shirt or sweatshirt – or both if you’re feeling lavish.

T-shirts are $ 32 and sweatshirts are $ 60. You can purchase both on the HOMAGE website here.


In terms of DeWine’s daily updates, the press conferences have become a must for Ohioans looking to keep up to date.

But there can be a lot of stress associated with the constant flow of new information. And of course, due to shop closings and the government’s order to stay home, many of us only have time to sit and stay.

Maybe it was to cope with the stress or to make up for lost happy hours with friends, but for one reason or another the hashtag #WineWithDeWine was trending on social media.

And the Lateral Gig clothing store in Ohio wasted no time getting on the trend train. On Tuesday evening, the store unveiled its new “2 o’clock wine with DeWine” t-shirt.

The folks at Lateral Gig have decided to donate a portion of all online sales to charities that help first responders fight COVID-19.

To see all that Lateral Gig has to offer, visit their website by clicking here.

The “2 o’clock Wine with DeWine” shirts sell for $ 20.


Flag City Clothing in Findlay has launched a new “Quarantine Collection” online.

The three shirts are designed to help people mark the memories of this worldwide event.

Shirt designers were concerned that people might be offended by the shirts at first, but the reaction, on the contrary, has been calm.

“Her first answer was, ‘That totally brightened my day.’ And I felt really good that I could have some joy in this time of madness and difficulty, “said Trey Hoy, retail manager at Flag City Clothing.

Flag City Clothing has also been selling “Findlay has Heart” shirts since last week.

From the purchase screen, customers can choose one of 70+ small businesses in Findlay that will receive $ 10 off the purchase price.

All shirts are available now. Due to the permanent home order, no one at Flag City Clothing will be able to get to their facilities to print and ship the shirts until April 7th.


This Westerville-based store has two quarantine designs available on both t-shirts and tea towels.

The first contains a long stream of text and thanks Dr. Amy Acton for being a role model for young women everywhere. It is reading:

“Thank you for keeping us calm during this weird time. I am so proud to see a responsible woman. I am glad that you see a bright future for us. I hope you stay well. I am so happy too have and have hope. “

The quote is attributed to 9-year-old Ruby Owens. This design is available in two different t-shirt fabrics and a wide range of colors, in addition to the tea towel option.

The second design is for all cool cats and kittens. It shows a cat with a hat (no, not a Dr. Seuss thing) that says “DeWine Acton 2020”.

This design also comes in different fabrics and colors as well as the tea towel.

T-shirts range from $ 28 to $ 30, and tea towels are $ 14.

The shopkeeper donates a portion of the proceeds to the Ohio Chapter of the American Red Cross.

You can check out these designs by clicking here.

Do you know of any other company in Ohio that sells clothing for this purpose? Let us know! Send an email to [email protected] and we can add them to our list.

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