Ohio architect is terminated by Defiance school board | Local Education

The Defiance City Board of Education took action on Wednesday night and discontinued the services of an Ohio architect.

On the recommendation of Superintendent Mike Struble, the board decided to terminate its agreement with Garman Miller Architects, Minster. The company had offered its services in relation to planning the future of the Arabella street campus and its buildings.

Struble had concerns about Garman Miller’s billing method, its inferior performance, and lack of communication.

“I think their performance is inferior,” said Struble, “and I don’t hear from them for weeks.” The board gave him approval to send the company a letter terminating their agreement.

Struble then recommended hiring Beilharz Architects, Defiance, to begin future planning. “Kraig knows the facilities and can guide us to a practical solution,” remarked the superintendent. “I recommend Beilharz to speed things up. He can be reached and knows the facilities. He’s already done the legwork. I think his solution will be radically different from the one you saw. “

To date, the Garman Miller District has paid $ 39,000 for its services. The district has been billed $ 90,000 to date, despite Struble being unable to reconcile the hours worked by that company with its billing.

On a related issue, the board hired Toledo real estate appraiser Bruce Dunzweiler to evaluate the properties on Arabella Street. This is valuable to the district when the facilities are offered to a prospective developer. Dunzweiler’s fee is $ 3,500.

On personnel matters, the Board approved the resignation of Kathy Wanemacher, Food Service Supervisor; Jayde Hanenkrath, Basic Services Assistant; Steve Rittenour, Head Boy Head Boy; and Rafael Manriquez, boys’ assistant coach.

Occupations / transfers included: Melissa Morton, Middle School Art Teacher Transfer to High School English Teacher Transfer, effective from the 2018-19 school year; Delisa Fackler, four hours a day from elementary school class assistant to health care assistant at 5.75 hours a day; Annette VanderHorst, class assistant in class K-2, four hours a day; and Steve Wahl and Libby Burkhart, joint coaches of the Headquarters.

Maternity leave has been approved for Sarah Kryling from May 3 through the end of the school year; Julie Hoffer, from approximately February 26th to April 23rd; and Chelsie Powell from April 23 through the end of the school year.

Donations for the video scoreboard in the new gym accepted by the board included: Beilharz Architects, $ 10,000; Baker Shindler Co., $ 10,000; Leever Glass, $ 5,000; Coca-Cola, $ 5,000; Defiance Athletic Boosters, $ 5,000; Fitzenrider Inc., $ 5,000; Erste Bundesbank, $ 2,500; Despite physical therapy and sports medicine, $ 2,500; and Mercy Health, $ 2,000.

Additional donations include: Defiance Athletic Boosters, Track Gear, $ 5,000; Palmer Family for Hall of Fame Touchscreen, $ 5,075; Defiance Elementary School PTO, elementary school furniture and writing accessories, $ 14,582.50; Steve Hubbard, drums, $ 350; anonymous donation to high school, $ 300; 50/50 raffle for volleyball, $ 43; Jerry Latta towards Older Posters, $ 102; anonymous donation to the sports department: $ 203; Hot dogs from an anonymous donor, $ 200; Doug Daoust, flag, $ 100; $ 160 for the Phyllis Snyder Memorial; Johns Manville, for special education, $ 135; and Dan Schaffer and Schaffer Funeral Home, pompoms for high school cheerleaders, $ 600.

• Transferred $ 27.36 in Fiscal Year 2017 Grant Dollars to Fiscal Year 2018 Grant Dollars.

• Agreement on Continuation of Salary for the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

• Approved the Defiance High School Programming and Planning Manual for the 2018-19 school year.

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