Oh Christmas Tree: Wheeler Farms Selling Trees Amid Pandemic

The weather is getting colder and Christmas is just around the corner. According to tradition, you should have set up your tree on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (Advent) – that was November 29th. But if you missed that appointment, The Whitehouse Tree Farm is now open and they can help.

Any shape and size
For almost For 30 years, Whitehouse-based Duke and Martha Wheeler and their children have been selling freshly cut Christmas trees to families across the community. There are 65 to 70,000 trees spread across 100 acres, from two-foot-tall Charlie Brown-style trees to 22-foot high Fraser Firs. Duke Wheeler explains that everything can be found on the farm.

“Our greeters will give you farm maps and guide you to various fields where you can find the type of tree you want. Once you find your tree, a cutter will come to measure it, cut it down, and take it to the loading dock, where it will be shaken, bale-proofed, and placed on your car. ”Fraser and Douglas fir are the most popular, followed by Concolor firs and white pines.

Image 1The growth process
Before the trees can grow into a full Christmas miracle, they need a lot of love and attention. It all starts with planting seeds or transplanting small trees. For each felled Christmas tree, two to three seedlings are put in its place the following spring.

“We buy the seedlings or transplants in spring and hope for a damp spring and a mild summer, especially in the first year,” says Duke.

In the first year of growth, the seedlings need to adapt to the environment, and when they get into the ground they will grow a foot per year. Over the years, tree builders tend the soil and feed and shear the trees to make sure the branches grow into them. When the trees are ready, you can take them home with you.

COVID changes
Wheeler Farms opened on November 25th to sell pre-cut Fraser fir trees to help families avoid crowds. Until December 13th, the tree farm is open at full capacity with masking and social distancing guidelines. The employees are checked daily and all contact surfaces are regularly disinfected with hand disinfection or hand washing stations throughout the entire company.

When looking for a tree to buy, remember that you are paying by the foot. So for a two-foot-tall tree (the most popular size), you can expect anywhere from $ 40 to $ 90.

If the cold air is nibbling on your nose, hot cocoa and hot dogs are available for a small fee. Dogs are also welcome, provided they are trained and leashed. “We’re more about the experience and making sure everyone who visits our farms has an unforgettable experience,” says Duke.

3 pm-5pm, Tuesday-Friday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays
11455 Obee Road, Whitehouse.
419-877-2733 | Wheelerfarms.com

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