ODOT, Toledo street crews preparing for spring snow storm

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – State and local crews have hands on deck as they prepare for the spring snowstorm in northwest Ohio late Tuesday and Wednesday.

There’s still a lot of salt in the ODOT garage in Northwood after the winter season. But what differentiates April snowfall from January snowfall is the trucks – they have already been switched to summer mode to haul dirt and other chores.

On Monday, the crews prepared for the storm and put the snow plows back on the trucks.

“We’re prepared,” said Rebecca Dangelo, Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2. “Our trucks are the same ones we use in spring, summer and winter. Therefore it is not a big problem to switch them back and forth. Our crews are ready to tackle these layers of snow and ice even after the technical winter season. So ODOT is ready, we still have the salt, we still have the liquid de-icer, we have all the things we need to make the roads address. “

ODOT will not pre-treat the roads as it is expected that it will rain before it snows. They plan to use plows and salt as soon as the snow starts falling.

Toledo City’s road crews are also preparing for winter, making sure their trucks are ready before the snow hits. That means putting salt shakers back on the trucks. But as of Tuesday morning, they haven’t put the plows back on because they don’t think they’re needed.

“Really everything that comes down will be wet, and with temperatures this high, it just shouldn’t freeze on the sidewalk,” said Toledo Road, Bridge and Port Commissioner Jeremy Mikolajczyk.

There were already trucks in Toledo handling bridge decks that were the first to freeze.

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