Northwest Ohio woman concerned about racial harassment

Anika Fields says the harassment she has faced from several of her neighbors has been going on for years and she is afraid of retaliation.

SWANTON, Ohio – A Swanton woman who claims she and her family have been subjected to racial harassment for years wants the local police force to be reinforced.

“Harassment ranges from threats to physical charges and racist nicknames for me and my children,” said Anika Fields.

Fields says she has felt unsafe in her neighborhood for several years due to the behavior of multiple neighbors.

She showed WTOL 11 two folders full of police reports, court documents, and other complaints she filed, but says the Swanton Police Department did not do enough to protect her.

“If a group of people come to my house and threaten and harass me, the police chief’s solution, if I speak to him, is to quote, move,” Fields said.

WTOL 11 reached out to the Swanton Police Department in the late afternoon and heard nothing about it, but a community organizer will meet with the boss tomorrow morning.

“She did her job, now it is time for the community to get involved,” said Gerald Rose of the New Order National Human Rights Organization.

Rose and the local community Solidarity Response Network worked with Fields to get their story public.

They call for the police chief to step down, and Fields says she just wants to feel safe in her own neighborhood.

“I checked every box. I called the police when there were problems. I ignored these people. I asked the court to help these people,” Fields said.

Fields said one of her neighbors is currently facing charges of disorderly conduct.

She says she is afraid of retaliation.


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