Mercy College Toledo increased enrollment

After looking into the effects of COVID-19, the college said their enrollment numbers for this summer have doubled compared to last summer.

TOLEDO, Ohio – There’s a bright spot for a college in the area as the first week of summer courses begins.

Mercy College announced that enrollment has doubled this year from the previous year. They are at a record high for the summer with more than 850 students enrolled for the semester and 125 of them are new.

The increase is due to several factors, according to university officials.

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“”[We have] Starting a couple of new programs, “said Ken Ryalls, vice president for academic affairs.” We have a Master of Science in Medical Assistant and an accelerated BSN program that we are very excited about.

There is currently also a great deal of interest in health care.

Ryalls says this was partly due to the labor shortage in the industry, but also due to a stable career.

“People want to help,” he said. “With the spread of COVID and the focus on health issues in the US and healthcare, people are very excited to get into healthcare and pursue a career in the field.”

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The college has had stable enrollment throughout the pandemic and believes this surge is a good sign for the numbers for years to come.

“We were kind of hoping this was really an indication that people were starting to know what Mercy was doing,” said Ryalls. “And how important our work is.”

They hope the trend will continue as they work to add more workforce to the healthcare industry.

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