Large fire in central Toledo severely damages church

The roof of the church collapsed and the back of the building collapsed. The cause is still being investigated.

A fire that broke out early Saturday morning at the Now Faith Worship Center on Nebraska Avenue caused severe damage to the structure.

The fire brigade announced that the cause of the fire was still being investigated.

The roof of the church collapsed and the back of the building collapsed.

Fire officials said the crews arrived on site two minutes after the original report and carried out an aggressive indoor attack on the fire, which spread quickly due to the open space in the church.

According to the fire department, the rapid pace of the fire led the commanders to determine that the conditions of the structure of the fire were unsustainable in order to continue the interior attack and ordered all firefighters to leave the church.

The church is being demolished because of the damage.

The pastor of the church asked the congregation to pray.

“I ask the church to pray for all the churches in the city. I’m glad no firefighters or first responders are injured. Whoever did it, we pray that they will get help, ”said Pastor Delbert Williamson.

Official statement on this morning’s fire. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

The pastor said there will be a service on Sunday in a building next door on Indiana Avenue.

The church has 50 members and has served in the ward for 40 years.

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