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Cleveland, June 3, 2021 / PR Newswire / – Kendal at home, ClevelandHome Life Care Affiliates Kendal Corporation Today we announced plans to expand our services across the state. Ohioincluding Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton And Toledo. Kendal at Home is a non-profit organization that works on a single mission to help people get older in their homes and serves members around the world. Cleveland Area from 2004.

The elderly are the largest and fastest growing population in the United States. By 2025, at least one in four Ohio will be over 60 years of age, while many other elderly people will live in their own four walls. I want to stay, but my options are limited.

Founded on Quaker principles such as equality, dignity, individual respect and environmental management, Kendal at Home enables members to become independent at home while exploring the “second act” after retirement. We help you maintain your lifestyle. Needs are made. Kendal at Home services include navigating, coordinating, and paying for long-term care directly to members at home or anywhere as needed.

Founded by Kendal Oberlin As an alternative to the CCRC option, Kendal at Home serves a growing community of members by combining the three core elements of healthy aging: care planning, coverage, and care management. Collective offerings allow members to thrive with the confidence that their long-term needs after retirement will be met. Kendal at Home’s team of dedicated care coordinators personally invest in the wellbeing of its members and provide them with the services they need as they age.

“If you ask most people where they want to live their old age, they choose the house they live in a different location,” said Home CEO Kendal. Lynn Jacobbe“We want to make this possible by helping older people not only to stay independent and healthy, but also to get the right service when they need care. In fact, 98% of our members have aged in the right places over the past 20 years, almost eliminating the need for care in senior housing. Our members are individuals who are sourced from care coordinators. Be active and independent for much longer thanks to your attention. Expand our program by offering this option to others in Ohio. “

The move to home care that began at Kendal at Home in the early 2000s has accelerated recently as the second half of the baby boomer generation retires. According to Pew Research, there are about 10,000 people United States At age 65 every day, the trend continues for the next decade, reaching retirement age for the last person in the baby boomer generation. The term “retirement” has been redefined by these young baby boomers rather than what many call a “second act” but how this generation finances the need for care. It’s not clear whether to provision and manage.

“We looked after the senior community. Ohio For over 25 years, we’ve wanted to provide news to meet ever-changing needs. This includes the choice of how and where to age. ” Sean Kelly, CEO of Kendal Corporation. “The Quaker values ​​that have rooted us in this community are innovative to help older people who choose to grow older at home, stay active, involved and fulfilled in the local community. It drives our vision to constantly offer new ways of doing things. “

Kendal at Home is a set of specific challenges in old age, including deficiencies in federal health programs, gaps in long-term care insurance, long-term community waiting times, home security and safety concerns, and parental family concerns. Is a comprehensive solution. Life quality.

“Older adults respect the need for independence and seek ways to grow older safely and with dignity at home,” he said. Katie Sloan, President and CEO of LeadingAge and Executive Director of the Global Aging Network. “Organizations like Kendal at Home support older people with the services they need for a safe life in old age.”

About Kendal at Home

Founded in 2004, Kendal at Home is a nationally recognized program and a leader in the field of aging. The Kendal at Home program is aimed at seniors who want to stay healthy, independent and safe in the future and who plan to stay at home. For more information on Kendal at Home, please visit the following URL:

About Kendal Corporation

Founded on Quaker principles, values ​​and practices, Kendal provides independent living, life support, memory support, skilled nursing, rehabilitation care, and home care in eight states. The Kendal-related pension community can be found at: Hanover, New Hampshire; Ithaca And Sleepy Hollow, New York; Northampton And Easthampton, Massachusetts; Lexington, Virginiametro Washington, DC; Chicago; Kennett Square, Westchester And New Town, PennsylvaniaAnd Oberlin And Granville, OhioEnso Village, a Zen-inspired life plan community, is currently under development. Healdsburg, CaliforniaTo. Ohio And Massachusetts, Kendal at Home offers home care that combines the security of the retiree community with ongoing care with the freedom and independence of home life.

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Kendal at Home Announces Expansion Plans as the US ages | Business Wire Ohio

Source Link Kendal at Home Announces Expansion Plans as the US ages | Business Wire Ohio

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