Is anyone in Toledo working to get Medicare for All passed?

Rally attendees say a payer healthcare system would save over $ 400 billion in administration costs each year, so everyone in the country can be covered.

TOLEDO, Ohio – “Everyone in! Nobody out! Everyone in! Nobody out!”

This was the chant outside ProMedica Toledo Hospital in West Toledo on Saturday as protesters advocated the introduction of pay-per-form health care in the country.

As a rule, there is a state-run insurance company in a payer health system that covers everyone in the country regardless of their solvency.

Rally goers marching down Monroe Street sang and carried signs calling for support for and calling for hearings on “Medicare for All,” which the Congressional Budget Office said would each save over $ 400 billion in administrative waste.

“The Medicare for All Act of 2021” was introduced in the House of Representatives in March and has over 110 co-sponsors, all Democrats.

Marcy Kaptur, who represents parts of Toledo and other areas of northern Ohio and extends as far as Cleveland, is not listed as a co-founder of the legislation.

Senator Teresa Fedor (11th district) and Toledo City Councilor Nick Komives (D) attended the event.

“We’re looking at a fuller picture of whether dentist, visual, and periodic check-ups are part of Medicare. It shouldn’t cause bankruptcy. It shouldn’t cause stress about the cost of a doctor’s visit.” said Dennis Slotnick, Region 2 coordinator for the Ohio single-payer Action Network.

Medicare for All was originally popularized during the presidential campaigns of Vermont Senator Bernie Sander.

The demonstration was organized by the Ohio Single-Payer Action Network, a nonprofit coalition campaigning for fundamental health insurance reform.

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