How does Ohio snowstorm 2021 compare to Blizzard of 78?

In the customs game wins this year. But when it comes to overall effects? 1978 is still great. What is the difference? The wind.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Even if you weren’t alive in 1978, if you live in northwest Ohio, you undoubtedly know about the legacy of the 1978 Blizzard. It is the hardware store’s yardstick by which all other snow events are measured.

So what happens when we try to measure our last snowstorm of 2021 against this legendary weather event? Here’s what we know from the numbers.

In terms of impact, there is no comparison to ’78. We may never again have a storm that has such widespread and long-lasting effects.

However, if you just look at the total amount of snow, 2021 takes the cake. Note, however: gusts of wind and snowdrifts are also one large Part of how people remember a storm. Snow drift is also a very subjective phenomenon as people can remember larger or smaller snow drifts.

Even in this most recent blizzard, snow drifts varied widely by location and were much more significant in rural areas than on the Toledo Metro.

For two days, February 15-16, this was the biggest blizzard you have ever experienced, measuring 14.5 inches at Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport. This is the highest total snowfall recorded there since records began in 1955. The 1978 snowstorm had a total of 12 inches of snow.

What this latest storm did Not However, the wind speed that made the 1978 blizzard the BIG was that left its mark. The winds the 1978 storm generated had gusts of 70 mph, causing at least $ 100 million in damage and 50 deaths in Ohio. Snowstorm 2021 saw gusts of wind of 30 miles per hour.

The drifts of ’78? These towered 5-10 feet high. Snow storm in 2021? The drifts are about 2-3 feet.

In the customs game rules this year. But as for the general effects and impressions that are burned into memories? The 1978 snowstorm is still king.

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