HOPE Toledo program aims to help provide tuition assistance for early childhood learning

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – HOPE Toledo is a nonprofit that has helped dozen of Scott High School students pay for college. It’s called the Promise Program and it continues to this day. But the work of the organization goes much further.

The focus will also be on some of the city’s youngest learners. The goal of HOPE Toledo is to enable and ensure access to high quality education for as many people as possible from birth to career.

“We know that 80% of children who enter kindergarten in Toledo are not ready to study,” said John C. Jones, President of HOPE Toledo. “The question is, what are we doing as a community to develop comprehensive and community-based approaches to early childhood education? We are working on that with this new program. “

In Pre-K, learning begins in the classroom for many children.

“Accessibility and affordability for early childhood learning are two keywords,” said Jones.

The Pre-K program will work with school districts and providers at the community level. One of the goals is to support parents in teaching.

“HOPE Toledo is there to provide extra dollars to help families cross this bridge,” said Jones. “This is a critical component in improving the quality of education and reinvesting in our community. The most important investment is of course our children. “

“We believe that all of our children deserve a high quality early childhood experience. We know the foundation that is built here will affect them for the rest of their lives, ”said Dr. Karen McCoy, President of Toledo Day Nursey, who will be part of the program.

There will be layers of involvement in HOPE Toledo Pre-K. Social services, faith-based leaders, and corporate and community funders will be involved in the effort.

“It’s a very big table with people who are invested, committed and committed. You all know that what we do with these children will affect this community for generations, ”said Dr. McCoy.

Working on this program is already life changing.

“Doing this is probably one of the most life changing, purpose-driven things I’ve done in my career,” said Jones.

The HOPE Toledo Pre-K program is still in its infancy. A demonstration model will be available this fall.

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