HerHub Quarterly Subscription Boxes in Northwest Ohio

HerHub has expanded its online community to include curated, quarterly subscription boxes to promote women-owned businesses from northwest Ohio.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Monthly and quarterly subscription boxes are both a trend and something for consumers to enjoy.

Did you know you can get a subscription box through HerHub showcasing women owned businesses in northwest Ohio?

HerHub is an online platform that provides the community of northwest Ohio with women’s events, listings of local women-owned businesses, women’s groups, and organizations. In addition to community efforts, HerHub offers women-owned local enterprise products in its quarterly subscription box.

“Harnessing the power of social media to increase the reach of the HerHub subscription box has changed radically, especially over the past year when people didn’t get together in person,” said Nina Corder, founder of Women of Toledo. “In addition to the products themselves, we have maintained connections through this group that would otherwise have taken up a lot more time and resources.”

Each box is carefully crafted, from the contents inside to the branded design on the outside of the box. In HerHub fashion, the organization selects an artist from Northwest Ohio to design the exterior of the quarterly subscription box. For the month of May, Jax & Kate Art Studio was selected to appear on the box.

“It’s a really great local community of women who really just take care of each other and it was just a cool experience,” said Kaity, owner of Jax & Kate Art Studio.

HerHub was brought to Toledo by Women of Toledo founders Nina Corder and Michelle Ansara who have always been committed to connecting women and business owners with the resources they need to thrive. Under the auspices of the UN Women’s Empower Women Champions for Change in 2016, Inclusive for Women Inc. launched a new initiative, HerHub.

“HerHub gives these women-owned companies visibility and marketing awareness by highlighting the women who are behind the product. We believe that a connection needs to be made between the customer and the woman behind the product, which leads to a more connected community, ”said Nina Corder.

HerHub did a lot more than just sell products. It has connected the community by increasing the visibility of existing women’s groups, including HerHub’s private Facebook group, HerHub Member Mastermind, which was created for HerHub members who wanted to connect more intensely and share ideas and resources.

“HerHub and HerHub-member Mastermind Facebook Group have strengthened the local economy through both the market and the workplace by connecting our female communities with the right networking and development opportunities and by promoting and supporting female-owned companies”, says Jonelle Massey. HerHub Board Liaison and founding member of HerHub, said. Jonelle published her book The Miseducation of Empathy in Toledo last weekend and says: “I am just one example of how HerHub has helped women reach their full potential.”

HerHub offers all women-owned companies the opportunity to expand the way they are networked and to close the network gap. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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