Gun violence in northwest Ohio city continues to skyrocket

JoJuan Armor, the program manager for the mayor’s gun violence reduction initiative, says violence interrupters can apply until the end of this week.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Police are investigating multiple shootings during a surge in gun violence. Last weekend alone there were at least six.

Almost 50 shots were fired, killing one person during a Sunday night vigil to honor the life of another man who was killed earlier that morning.

Police have since responded to at least three more shootings.

The rise in violence has neighbors on the verge.

“It’s a bit sad. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know there’s a lot to kill. More than when I arrived,” said Pastor Gregory Green Sr. of Greater Praise MBC. He lives just down the street from where the shooting took place on the 200 block of East Lake Street in north Toledo on Monday evening.

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He has noticed the rise in crime and fears that this year’s gun violence is on its way to surpass last year’s total.

“My frustration is not just with me but with the community as well. Because you know they expect changes that they should be,” said JoJuan Armor, program manager for the mayor’s gun violence reduction initiative in Toledo. “But having to have faith in the process is frustrating in itself.”

He recently held two forums asking for contributions on solutions.

“By partnering with vendors and the community, we are building relationships and coalitions to ensure everyone is held accountable for what they say. We are still in the early stages of figuring out what those issues are,” said he armor.

He says the hiring process for the rest of his team will begin by the end of the week. Three violence interrupters and a case manager are brought on board to prevent and not solve crime.

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In the meantime they are already forming a group for mothers of murdered children.

“We experience something that is completely outside of the normal. We make it normal. So mothers definitely have a difficult time as they should. Fathers too. I don’t want to leave out the fathers and children.” “said Armor.

Right now it’s just armor on the team, but Green says it should be a collaborative effort. So he opens a church in North Toledo.

“I think people will make it. It will take time. It didn’t happen overnight and it won’t change overnight. But I think that change will come,” said Green.

The community hopes before another person is killed.

Armor says he looks forward to hiring his team so more people can be in our neighborhood. He hopes that this will create more opportunities to fully engage in the community.

There is another opportunity to join the discussion about gun violence in our city. City Hall is at Waite High School from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

You can find the link to register on the City of Toledo website.

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