Findlay police begin annual Ohio qualification training

In addition, the officers conduct scenarios, de-escalations and tactical training for many months of the year.

FINDLAY, Ohio – The Findlay Police Department conducts its officers through driving and firearms training. They will each work for the next several weeks to complete their annual state qualifications.

As part of the training, the entire department, which includes around 65 sworn officers, must complete a driving course at Findlay Airport. The course includes parking exercises, evasive and braking maneuvers as well as stopping the use of poles.

“Many officers die in car wrecks or cause accidents every year, so it is important that we come here in a reasonably safe, controlled environment and practice these responses so that we can drive effectively and effectively safely under the stress that leads to calls,” said Don Dawson, a patrol officer and instructor with the Findlay Police Dept.

The department must also meet the minimum annual government firearms requirement. There are lethal and non-lethal weapons officers to train with, including shotguns with live cartridges, as well as beanbag cartridges, rifles, handguns, and tasers.

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The officers practice accuracy and timing of when and whether a high-threat situation arises.

“We don’t know what we’re going to run into, and it’s important to have different options,” said Brooks Deidrick, a range instructor.

In total, the department conducts around 40 hours of firearms training every year. In addition, they conduct scenarios, de-escalation and tactical training for many months of the year.

The detachment will practice handguns and tasers next Wednesday.


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