East Toledo Residents Weigh in On Gun Violence

Many say parents need to be more involved and there needs to be more for young people.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The city of Toledo will host its third community hall on the east side of Waite High School on Saturday to reduce gun violence.

Those who live on the east side believe that several factors contribute to an increase in gun violence.

“I refer to the east side as God’s land, but there is a problem with gun violence,” said Donald Reilly, “when the youth get their hands on guns.”

Reilly has lived on the east side all his life but says things have changed. especially for young people.

“Back then, I had the Brady Bunch and things like that,” he added, “I didn’t have all the violence and things that young kids have now.”

Others like Anthony Kaczmarek, who also grew up in Toledo and has lived on the east side for 12 years, say things have gone downhill.

“When I was younger, Toledo was the bomb city in the 1970s, it was the biggest,” he said. “Now it is like that, I would like to move.”

Kaczmarek points out the parents as part of the problem.

“If the parents took care of the children, it wouldn’t happen,” he said. “They know that both parents sometimes work or not and some just don’t look after their children.”

Reilly agrees that parents should be more involved, but acknowledges that many with money and quality of life face different challenges, and many have multiple jobs.

“That doesn’t leave it to the beaver days you know,” said Reilly, “that is, everyone struggles to make a dollar and pay their bills.”

Dale Robinson, who lives in east Toledo with his wife and children, says many parents these days are young and grew up with similar problems themselves.

“All of these young parents still have a few ways on the street,” he said, “so the kids take this in.”

He says many families miss a parent and they look like friends and cousins ​​to others, but they are not always the best role models.

But in the end he believes there has to be more for children.

“We need more leisure activities for these children,” he said. “Without these pastimes, they have nothing but difficulty getting involved.”

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