Do Ohio bars still have to follow health orders?

Amirah’s Turn was cited in August 2020 for inappropriate behavior – disorderly activities.

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Editor’s Note: The above video originally aired on February 23rd.

Ohio Investigative Unit agents went to Amirah’s Turn, formerly known as Dog House, at Sandusky Bar on Friday night.

Agents released another COVID-19 quote for the bar.

The quote for inappropriate behavior – disorderly behavior – is the second in eight months for Amirah’s Turn.

Agents say they entered the bar around 10 p.m. where they saw witnesses crowd close together with little to no social distancing observed or physical barriers in place.

Amirah’s Turn was quoted back in August last year.

The Ohio Liquor Control Commission ruled the case in November and found that the bar had been violated.

Sandusky police say they have had ongoing problems with the bar and have even had to cite the bar manager for disorderly behavior in the past.

The bar will go before the Ohio Liquor Commission at a later date.

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