City of Toledo | Parks and Recreation Youth Advisory Board

who we are

The youth council consists of 12 to 18 students aged 14 to 18 who have a two-year term on the board. The board will meet monthly to provide a youth perspective and help in making decisions regarding various aspects of the city park system. In the areas of recreation, programming and park design, the board members get to know various aspects of park operation and city administration. All will focus on improving youth participation and participation in their neighborhood parks and the city’s 129 park system. Members are selected to serve as officers and board meetings.

What we do

  • Work with the Park and Recreation Department staff to build a parking system that engages the city’s youth.
  • Promote youth development in the city of Toledo.
  • Implement community projects to address youth needs through action teams.
  • Create action plans to involve more youth in the city park system.
  • Schedule and hold our own meetings.

Board members

  • Selected through an application and interview process and committed to a two-year term.
  • Meet every first Thursday of the month, 1 to 2 hours, time TBD. Members must be able to handle the time expended.
  • Gain experience in leadership, business etiquette, community service and parking operations.
  • Ready to work and open to learning, desire to make a positive difference for the youth in the city of Toledo.
  • Offer a youth perspective to parks and recreation, commissioner, parks, recreation management and city management.
  • Attend special events and various events.

Interested in joining?

We are currently opening the process for teenagers to apply for the Parks and Recreation Youth Advisory Board. Every spring, current 8th to 11th grade students who live in the city have the opportunity to apply for the next school year. Previous knowledge is not required.

The Park and Recreation Department, various members of the Park Advisory Board and community leaders will review the applications and interview the applicants. New members are invited to join because of their potential to make a positive contribution to the work of the Board of Directors and their ability to represent the diversity of the Toledo City youth community.

Applications are due by June 13, 2021. The application requires at least a letter of recommendation from anyone other than a relative.

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